Just attended the Bonner Springs show great wish I would be able to attend another show I would 

when is the Cd what a song can do be avaiable

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Listening to new album and LOVE it! Lady A does it again! Trying to figure out which venue I can get to for a live show. Lady A dedicated "Hello World" to me in Jan 2012, a true God moment, in DSM, IA and I would love to update my friends that I just passed my 5 yr cancerversary from 2nd diagnosis...

The Reason I like Lady Antebellum Because I'm their number #1 Country band singer, they had energy, they got an awesome singing voices, Their fun and won so many awards at the Grammy's My goal is to meet and greet with them and join them in the band because to me I'm a great singer. I  you Lady A 

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The Lady A blues singer needs to take them to court, and sue the shit out of them!

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Lady A = Lady Ass-kissers

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Your group is a disgrace to country music!  You insulted everything about the south that I hold near and dear to my heart!  I've seen you in concert, and love your music until now.  I will never go to any of your concerts again!  You are no better than the liberal socialist Dixie Chicks!

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Lady Antebellum: That was then.

Lady A: This is NOW! Now that's an wonderful name change. Carry on and move on.