Fuck off and die you anarchist supporting traitors 

Fuck off and die you anarchist supporting traitors 

I used to think you represented the heartland of America.  What a fool were we. You are so sadly abandoning your loyal fans for the easy alure of corporate sponsorship of BLM thuggery. Goodbye forever.  You made us cry. Farewell. 

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Hello. Is Lady A still coming to the Taste of Country?

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Lady Antebellum continues to inspire my family. In 2012 their music helped me battle cancer and the dedication of ''Hello World" to me at the concert in DSM, IA is still a top highlight in my life. Today, "Let It Be...

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Im reaching out because i have a heart breaking story that happened to me 34 years ago and this morning i was awakened absolutely trapped in a dream and crying as hard as ever. The dam burst as in my dream i knew i had to loose in order to win. I dont know if youll see this or if yhis is just a...

I just happened onto the site and realized the presale for Nashville is NOW.  I had to GOOGLE for the presale code which I got, THANK GOD.  Lady A management really dropped the ball on this one.  Very disappointed.

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How can I enter for a meet n greet with the band during this tour?

Guy Agron